Over 15 years later, Autochartist has grown exponentially, becoming the first in the world to bring the convenience and power of automated content to the worlds of retail brokers.

Multi-Language, Global Market Analysis and Tools for Online Brokers.

Unique Global Market analysis and decision support tools without hiring a team of analysts and translators.

Helping online brokers grow their businesses for over 15 years

We are passionate about finding new and innovative ways of supporting your traders that benefits both the trader and the broker. We focus on the power of genuinely engaging multi-language content and engaging decision support tools delivered automatically to you without any of the usual production or distribution hassles.

Who we work with

Autochartist provides actionable content and decision-support solutions across all customer-facing business units.

At the heart of any marketing strategy is well designed, actionable content that converts. Reduce the resource demands associated with content production and distribution using Autochartist. Our content helps grow your brand awareness and improve brand loyalty.

Trader Activation & Retention

Activation and retention of your traders is all about maintaining interest and encouraging engagement through the tools and content you offer. Our high probability setups, actionable content and risk management tools offer two highly effective ways to keep your traders interested and encourage them to trade.

Platform Development

Provide your traders with a richer platform experience without resource-intensive development. Our signals integrate directly onto your trading application and charts, resulting in opportunities that engage and keep traders on your platform for longer.


Boost your sales numbers by empowering your team with relevant content on-demand. Autochartist provides your sales teams with unique and timely content that can be used to engage traders of all experience levels throughout the sales funnel.

I am a trader

Discover useful trading tips and tricks and learn how to get access to the Autochartist trader tools.

Product catalogue

Our suite of products is designed to cater for traders of any level of experience, and almost any trading style.
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Integration Capabilities

Our content and analytics can be integrated into any web-enabled technology, including messaging systems, CRM systems, marketing automation systems, email systems, websites, as well as online and desktop trading platforms.

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